HOW TO: Law of attraction


Or how I like to call it… “manifestation”

To find the official description of it you can just ask our dear friend Google. But I will briefly explain what for me really means. We will… soon… discover the magnitude of our mind, the real power it has.

The law of attraction nowadays doesn’t have the same high recognition as the law of gravity, yet… it´s even more powerful. In my humble opinion in about 50 to 100 years from now we will all recognize it as the cosmic power that is.

Its really the power of our mind, the power of our soul or if you prefer the combination of the two, to bend, distort, change and manifest the reality that we want.

So lets say you want “something” in your life(into your reality). It´s not enough to WANT but rather a simple process.

1. You have to believe in it. Eliminate all negative aspects of the desired “something”

2. BUILD IT in your mind with all the small details of the desired “something”. Make sure the details are all realistic and doable. Do a mind map or whatever you feel comfortable with that can give you a full picture of it.

3. IMAGINE HOW. The ways you will use in order to reach the desired “something”

4. FORGET ABOUT I. Never think of it again. Just go back to living your life normally.

This is the theory which I try to practice as much as I can. My boyfriend.. he controls it very well. I told him about the law of attraction last year around September and told him to try to manifest 100€. First you focus on the money, you make yourself see HOW you will get it, IMAGINE the ways to get it… and the just forget about it.

He didn’t manifested 100€

He got a 100€ raise.. so he made long term manifestation into reality of something wanted just by focusing on it.

I have more examples like these but I think each one of us have to try it in order to see it on our own. I mean… its for free, so why not.

The spiritual explanation of this is that thoughts and emotions have a particular vibration. Vibration that appears in the body and expands through all the universe. So, when you think of 100€ you produce a particular vibration that is a match with the vibration that 100€ have so therefor they attract each other and eventually have to live in the same time and space.

As a funny and interesting fact I will add that a very good moment to manifest our desires and needs is during an orgasm thus is a state of non-resistance and allowance therefor easier for the desired “something” to come into our time and space.

So.. let´s make love people(and bring what we want into our lives)



Day 14. The end of the cleanse… beginning of my life.


Two weeks have passed.

I am calm, relaxed, I am less emotional, I am more in control of who I want to be.
I feel more mature, more wise.
I feel empowered and at the beginning of a beautiful new road for me.
I am exited for all new things that life will bring me in the next year.
I had more realizations.
I have realized what was wrong with me and probably what was keeping be put.
I wasn´t able to move forward in life.
I used to be a very independent woman so independent that I hatted when a man wanted to carry my bags, or pay for all the drinks or dinners. I used to be proud of that.
Then I meet my partner 4 years ago and in a very weird way I decided to…LET GO of everything.
I put in him my hopes, my decisions, my goals, I left him guide me, teach me, trough all details of life. And 2 days ago I understood I …was….just not here anymore.
It felt a little sad at the beginning.
But then I understood that it was a lesson I needed to learn.
It balanced me, and it showed me the middle term of independence, of femininity, of family…
I have learned a lot of thing in this 4 years, some I will keep using, some they represented just the experience of those moments.
This is a new me.
Maybe its the cleansing.
Maybe maturity
Maybe a new stage of life
Maybe a spiritual awakening
In any case I feel myself again.
Its a very good feeling.
Finished my cleanse today I cant wait to cook healthy, go run, exercises a lot like I used to and start my new life.
The results of this cleanse well, I guess they are very obvious and if not you just need to read this post again and the previous once too.
In total I have lost somewhere between 7 and 8 kg.
Now I will keep them of by being respectful with my own body.
Good luck if you are trying this cleanse too, and if anybody need someone to talk with during this period… just let me know.

Day 8


After my free weekend during which I just relaxed and enjoy the sun, my dogs and my man, now my favorite day of the week , Monday is here. It´s my favorite day because no matter what happen last week … Monday its the beginning of a new week, so its the day you get to start all over again.

I am so happy I started to write on my blog again and I feel this is a new beginning for me.
My detox is going very well, not hungry in any moment, I have so many positive outcome of it that I cant even afford to be hungry. I am full of motivation.
Today my period started and usually I am in huge pain and I always have to take pills to be able to go to work. Well … not today. Today my body is my friend, I treat it good… and it returns the favor.
I haven´t had the salted water today either but just with the tea last night and another one this morning by the time I reached midday I was already flushing.
Because I am on my period my weight is not entirely correct but even like that I lost 6 kg until now.
Nothing else strange or awesome happen today so for now… that is it.