Reddit Case


Hi, and good day to you all. For my first post I was not very sure what to write about, it had to be about something that really has to do a lot with us (let me remind you “us” meaning 18-29 years old young people in the world, a 70 million group of people which have some specific things in common, click to Read More).

So I had to write about a huge trend between this millions of people, and I came up with one of the best, as the title says…Reddit Case.
I am completely sure I don’t have to describe what Reddit is, but just in case someone doesn’t know yet is a social website dedicated to spread news, but the one spreading the news are the subscribers, the news can be in the shape of a picture, a comment, a video, or most of it a link to the World Wide Web.

The amazing part is that other subscribers can vote for each reddit you post, for me is amazing because is some kind of new judgment way, let me explain. Good or bad, it has always been a problem for us humans to track an exact line between this two categories, and because it have been so difficult we invented the law, and the judges, and with all of this the punishment.

Well as we can see in the latest world news, the judges don’t judge the judgeable in very judgeless way anymore.

There are too many “distractions” for the people we put our trust in to discern from good to bad.
So that is why this new method of like or dislike it´s amazing, just because is a common opinion, is what thousands of people with education or not, with experience or not, believe is “good” or “bad”. I would like to call it … the Free Social Judge.

And in the same time I would like to dream at something, dream that maybe in a future we will be able to “punish” people or to “reward” them through this system, a system that includes all of us, our different opinions and different judgments.
Ok, let´s stop the melancholic moment I just had here and tell you that other important trend included in this social sharing everything network is the meme. The Wikipedia description of the term is:

“A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures.”

And what it means for “us” is quit the same but… better.

Here are some examples.

Now that I’m sure you are super interested on discovering super cool stuff on the web, I will give you time and space to do so, but I will also tell you about…

WARNING: take care not to spend too much time on this webs, I know now it can sound crazy but you will understand later it can be very addictive, there are cases in which people don’t sleep entire nights, so if you actually have a life and things to do tomorrow don’t abuse.

REMAINDER: this is a nonprofit blog, I do not intend to make publicity to any of this webs, I just consider them a super trend and an amazing and different way young people have fun in this days.

ADVICE: enjoy have fun… and come back for more.


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