There were always the strong ones and the weak ones, the world always had this two divisions. The ones that make the rules and the ones that obey those rules. Usually the one who make the rules they tend to manipulate the weak one to obey. At the end of this process you discover that the weak one they have lost part of their personality or they live a frustrated life obeying others rules with the impossibility of take action for themselves.  I have decided to write about this because I found one more person who lives to make rules for others. Let’s say that I was lucky in my entire life, and I had the “honor” to meet a few of these people.
Sadly for them I have the medicine for their illness.
Let me tell you first how you will identify this people, is a very easy process if you are not their friends, but is very difficult if you have some kind of close relationship with them, if there are some feeling that unites you.  Sadly I discovered that in our generation there are a lot of people like this and is very strange because in the same time there are so many individualistic people among our generation.
First thing I have to say about them is that we should feel sorry for them. They are like this because they had to struggle with personal and psychological problems. We all have some deep psychological issues, believe me, all of us, even if you thing that you had solved all you childhood or adult problems, you didn’t, we all have them, some more then others, and some bigger then others. That is why I would like to express my understanding to this people, because I really understand they have a daily fight with themselves.
Another aspect of their behavior is that they use victimism, they make others feel sorry for them, so sorry that they blindly take care of that person and they are incapable to see the truth.
Or you can find the opposite, the one that say loud and clear the rules you have to obey in order to be their friend( boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, classmates, boss, colleague, and believe me, even mother or father).  Manipulation existed among us, … Well, forever, but their is something different now, and the difference exist in the other category, the difference is that we don’t obey anymore. Starting with God, or whatever religion we don’t obey leaders anymore political, religious, inspirational, or whatever other type of leader.  We have become a very strong human being, we have a super smart brain and a tool we invented to help us have even better brain which is technology.
So why we should do something someone else wants us to do, if we have everything we need to know, and we know everything we need.  Don’t think that manipulating people exist only in very high economic, or social levels, or that they manipulate only for big interest, no, they exist everywhere, and they can manipulate only because they need something really small, but they do that just because they are incapable of just being themselves and achieve what they want with truth, honesty, and fairness.  I discovered their Kryptonite.  After some experience, after dealing with some  let’s say more then a few I understood what ends them.

It’s You.
It’s You being very strong.
A very strong person to tell them the truth in their face as many times you can.
Strong being yourself.
Strong not to fall in influence.
Strong. Period.


2 thoughts on “Marionette

    • Thank you very much, the entire meaning of the blog is to share all i can with people in same or similar situation!! Hope it helps. Multumesc pentru comentariu, sper sa inceapa lumea sa isi dea cu parerea!!

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