Whitney Houston reality


First of all I want to say that she was and she will always be an amazing voice and a great part of the history of music. But that is all I will say, yet this is not a post to talk about the “icon”, the “idol”, the “diva” that we all know. This is my very honest opinion.

I was inspired to write about this from different reasons. First because is a drug story, and personally I´m a big fan of criticizing this part of people´s lives. And then because I saw today the full interview Oprah Winfrey did to Whitney Huston in 2009, when she made a lot of “confessions” (I say confessions like that because you never know what part of that is true, and what part is made or remade for more public drama) about her carrier, about her marriage and about her obvious drug problem. This was her first public appearance in 7 years and honestly, I was very disappointed.

I truly recommend seeing the full interview first, in YouTube there are a lot of versions and some of them with subtitles in different languages.

I have some complains about this Image, idol, icon, diva, star, and not only about her, but about all the celebrities. Most of them from United States of America (the only country where Gods and Goddesses are born), the celebrities born as normal human beings with some particular voice or some other talent who somehow the media, the managers, the publishers, and all the people that get money from that, transform this human in to a Super Star. A Super Human that people all around the world idolize, admire, adore, cry for, and see as Gods.

Whitney Huston in the interview she talks about her husband and how she was living her life with him. She admits that it was a full time psychological abuse, sometimes even physical, that there were very serious moral attacks in front of their daughter, like spiting on her face and daily fights. But then Oprah asks her why she didn’t left when she first started to see all this things. Here my friends is a disappointing answer, a stupid answer, a mockery to all psychological and physically abused women.  She said that she really took seriously the vows pronounced in front of God the day they got married. She didn’t wanted to disobey God. So my conclusion is that she suffered, and she drugged herself in front of her daughter all those years BECAUSE OF GOD.

Then talks about how she actually give up on all of this, how she left her home, how she tried to struggle drug addiction, and how she tried to raise her baby in a normal environment. She have started all this because her mother came to her house and took her out of there. But then when she is asked to say what was the thing that made her decide to make the step she answered she prayed to God to give her straight just for one day so that she could go away. One more time the reason is BECAUSE OF GOD.

How can someone blame God for his/her bad decisions and then blame God for the salvation of the soul.

O God Almighty I could not stop doing drugs and let myself to be abuse, and raise my daughter in a horrific home because that would have meant betraying you.

… After a lifetime of pain and a lifetime of making all people around you suffer…

O God Almighty because of you I have gone thought all this, without you would not have been possible.


ARE YOU F***** KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

          Where´s you gratitude for your mother, who raised you and feed you, and loved you even when you were a bad mother, a bad daughter, and awful person to yourself and others? Where´s the big HALILUYA ME, the big THANK YOU to your strength and to yourself?

Now that the God stuff is settled, I think there is no point of explaining what I meant, let’s do the drug part.  Let me remind you that these kinds of Super Persons have an amazing influence in society, in normal people’s lives, and if the Super Person is from U.S.A., well the influence becomes HUGE. As I told you before the media in general, and some political and economic “bugs” they make everything possible so you can “buy” the story. I have to say that:

Whatever bad situation you might have in your life, whatever bad physical condition, IF it stands in your hands to change it, and is not something you have born with or some disease it can’t be cures and you don´t do anything… I don’t feel sorry for you, no, I don’t feel sorry for your miserable life.” by Adriana Diaconu.

I am very sorry if there will be people offended with this, and they will accuse me of being cold blooded talking like this about a dead person, but we have to start waking up, we have to understand that this person was weak, and everything that happen in her life she made it happen, it stands in your hands all the time to be better. She even blamed her husband of her awful life; I think this is just a weak person with a lot of pressure around her, not someone we should idolize nor learn from. Did you ever thought about how many people with marriage problems, with domestic violence, with drug issues of some family member exist in this world? And those people have to struggle in the same time with, economic problems, maybe some social acceptance or who the hell knows what, and still they manage to do it, not because of God, they do it because they are strong and they want to live.

Don’t wait for God´s hand to help you get up just take your life in your hand and deal with it. Sometimes is dangerous to play with this because there can be more people involved in this vicious circle, like a son, and believe me, you don’t want to mess his/her life too, believe me, you don’t.


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