The Comeback…


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How to express a feeling? Sometimes it becomes very difficult to put into words what one sees with the heart. But especially when it comes to describing on a  sheet 9 months of your life.

Go  and comeback.

9 months ago Spain was the “Go” and now the “Comeback”. The “Go” because the need to go away represented much more than going to a particular place. The target is clearly important and it was also at the time of departure, but the need for detoxification was much greater than any dream to travel, see, smell or feel a different place.

Now Latvia is the “Go”, the go away from here, something that during these months was my dream has now become a sad feeling. Never underestimate the power of cohabitation, marriage, the friction with a culture or a country. The change has been dramatic. To move from understanding nothing of the language, no culture, sometimes not accepting certain circumstances, certain people or certain events. Surprised, horrified at times to hear, see, taste, drink or eat Latvia. To come to understand eventually each thing that horrified me. Not that I have cheated my principles but I’ve begun to accept things that previously did not accept. Not at all. Latvia has been like that and I have reached an agreement in order to survive these long 9 months. Until I discovered things I love and will surely come back sometimes just for those things, like … BEER.

No, no, do not tell me you know what I mean, because if you have not went to Latvia you do not know what real beer taste like. I recommend it to those who are not regular beer drinkers, I’m sure 100% that they loved.

The beer is just one of the things that I would return to this wonderful country, we must mention also the peace, silence, the calm of the country. The huge green forest in spring and covered with white snow in winter.

I do not remember where I read it but I think in some travel book and found it very interesting, describing a country assigning the 5 senses. And finally I leave you with my Latvia’s 5S. With the promise of making the 5S for all countries where I have been, and also for the countries I will visit in the future. Hoping will be many.

SMELL – Latvia smells like fire in the chimney

TASTE – Latvia taste like beer, unquestionably

COLOR – Latvia is completely white in winter and green in summer

SOUND – Latvia sounds like the ’90s

TOUCH – Latvia feel like a tree bark, very valuable and important, but very rough and impenetrable.

PS: this is the first post originally written in Spanish/

PSS: the pictures don’t have any Photoshop, they are awesome the way they are.


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