At what point one realizes that this is where the course of our life is determined? What is the thought in one’s head when he realizes that there are many options, there are many paths, many hobbies, many opportunities, but time and space do not allow them to perform themselves. It’s time to decide.
We must choose.
We must discern what is right for the right thing now and in the future.
You have to stop and think.
You have to look around and analyze.
As a market analysis for any company.
You have to check if our environment is ready for your ideas. And till what point it’s prepared.

I’m not sure if many people find themselves in my situation. The situation of the euphoria, the ambition of youth that burns inside of you is such that you get the impression that you are able to take on the world easily. The same situation in which the brain generates so many ideas per day that the real world is transformed into being tiny compared to the greatness of your ideas.

When everything is a business opportunity where good ideas flow in the head like an intelectual avalanche of possibilities and opportunities. Nor how many people are in the situation where hobbies become realities and some in business opportunities. The downside of this is when, as I have too many hobbies, too many ideas … well, never too many, call it simply abundant. Many things that you enjoy doing, and also you are good at or not so much.

How to choose a single path between all?

I will wait some comments … opinions … tips, and, why not, your experiences.
I leave you with one of my big hobbies: my latest acrylic painting measures 130×81 and I have not named it because it means a lot of things at the same time, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. I also hope that you share your opinions about my “little” work and what you guys think  would be the most appropriate title for it.


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