Rihanna feat. Chris Brown – Nobody´s business


She has been one of my favorite singers of all times, although it is very clear that this is a product, at least the beginning of her career like any music artist in general it’s sadly a manufactured product. But hey… I’m not writing this post to describe the artist or the product. I will focus on doing a critic (something I love to do) to her private life and in particular her relationship with Chris Brown. I know how much criticism exists already on the web but my revulsion comes in the wake of her new song with Chris called “Nobody’s Business”. Even the name makes me sick.
In the first place we are talking about public figures, people who have chosen to be public.  Like a famous politician or a businessman with highly developed public figure such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Let’s make one thing clear… a politician has to be public he has no choice. An entrepreneur can choose to advertise his  product together with his own public figure or not remaining anonymous with full privacy. A singing, actor, painter or photographer can choose to be public or not. You are going to call me crazy but I am telling you  when it comes to art there is no need to go public to feel fulfilled. You can paint, sing, write, take pictures or any kind of art you want in the privacy of your home. That being said I want to be clear that who chooses to be famous must understand that their influence on fashion, politics, evolution, etc. is huge, so big that you have to be careful not to become a negative influence.
So my criticism comes to these two people after she had been beaten (one time that we know of) she declares that he is and always will be the love of her  life, they make a song together and name it “Nobody’s business. “
Sorry, it is our business it’s everybody’s business:
First, because you are a public figure
Second, because you cant forgive anything to a battered
Third comes related to the first reason is like telling the world “we must forgive the person who hits and even after a long time this is what love means: let them abuse you physically and psychologically because that what love is”.
And with that I conclude and I encourage you to go to YouTube and read the comments that people put in the videos that are on their new song. I advise taking a bag in your hand because the agony is guaranteed.
This is the world in which we live.
I add here the link to the video of her interview after the scandal and the interview with Oprah this year. They dont have anything to do with each other.

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