Surprise Birthday Video


Hiiiiiiiiii, I am so excited to finally share this video once and for all. I have a big problem and that is I am very bad at keeping secrets so preparing this video, hiding from my boyfriend, lying to him for a week every single day, even if it was for a good cause its the worse I have been through in a long time.

This video idea started with me hearing this song on the radio in the car, and this happened like 3 days in a row, until I looked for it on youtube and the video inspired me even more. So I though to make a parody video of this song for my boyfriend since the lyrics can’t be more appropriate for us than they are. But then I though even better if other people can get involved. So I started to send messages on facebook and stealing phone numbers from his phone.

I want to really thank everybody that in such a short notice they could pull it through.
So this inspired me to maybe make some more parody videos about some other song…what do you think?

Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Big kisses


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