Hello everyone,

I am hoping everyone is having an amazing summer. I am not trying to spoil your vacations nor your summer, but with this post I am trying to spread a little bit the word. I am going to add a few links below with videos and short documentaries about the events happening right now and since last year in Ukraine.

I am not into politics, I don’t speak in behalf of anyone…but doesn’t matter what I say, the main thing is YOU to have a personal opinion and don’t believe the first information you find. I dare you each time to hear a news on radio or TV ,…and even internet, make yourself a favour and search for more information of that same matter. You shall be amazed.

I wanted to post this for different reasons.

First because I am surprise how much people still believe blindly what they say on TV… like my mother.

Because I am sick of feeling small and insignificant compared to the big influential people that rule this world.

Because we have the wrong opinions and stereotypes about people and countries.

Because I am sick of finding out more dirt about the world.

And….. Because i am hopelessly hopeful that something will happen and these people, these institutions…(or call it however you like) will not rule anymore. That nobody will rule anymore. We live in an era where we’ve become so smart  and we’ve evolved so much and surrounded ourselves with so much technology to help us that we don’t need to be RULED anymore.

If you don’t know anything about the situation in Ukraine you can click here and read all about it.

This is a video made last year reporting the behaviour of the citizens of the country right before all started.

This video shows how WARS are made

And this is the result. Even if you don’t understand Russian I think you can get the point. This last video was recorded just this month.


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