Master Cleanse Journal


With this post I am staLemonsrting a small journal of my Master Cleanse. You will see that I will not solely talk about the diet but rather explain what happens inside of us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Great changes happen during a time that you STOP. Think of it as trying to reach stillness, you stop your hormonal system, your digestive system, you almost have to stop time by having so much of it since you don’t eat or cook.(calculate approximately how much time you spend shopping the food you eat, cooking it and eating eat during one day).

I will be reveling lots of personal data, lots of personal emotions, awakening moments and deep revelations. So bear with me. 🙂

I was postponing to weight myself… I thing about a month, I haven’t made any exercise in 3 months, and its terrible how much you can see it, and how much weight I got back in only 3 months.

So I weighted myself…I am 76 kg
last January I was 82kg
I lost with the master cleanse 10 kg in 15 days
72 kg
and then with exercise lost 2-4 more
69..68 kg
I am back to 76, i feel so disappointed, after all the effort, why did i give up on myself again. I think the master cleanse or any feast diet  isn’t about healing or losing weight, its definitely to self organize inside out.
My natural weight its around 59…60kg
I am 13-14 kg over weight.
I am sexy, when i dress nicely u cant even see how fat I am, we know how to hide it. But at the end of the day you go home and you take of the clothes that make you look nicer then you are, and then all you are left with is just you. In my opinion we shouldn’t love ourselves “just the way we are”…its not healthy, its not real, its not sustainable to do so. We have to cleanse, to heal, to cry, rediscover the wounds, apologize to someone, put boundaries with others, forgive yourself and organize your future.
We all have “ghosts under the bed”… we shouldn’t deny them, hide them, make excuses for them, we have to take them out, ask them why are they living under our bed. Once that is done we accept them, hug them and sleep with them in the same bed, because they are not going anywhere, they are part of who we are.
One of my multiple ghosts its called Organization….
I lack talent for that, so in order to deal with the lack, i have to make a bigger effort then other that have talent. I have to lean to make calendars, and schedules and alarms and appointments….FOREVER.
Its nothing bad, the universe is not chaos, everything its organized, so as your body, the planet and all natural beings…. as organized your life is as …. natural it is.

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