Day 1 and 2


This diet always brings calmness, stillness and loads of time to think.

This diet… or better lets call it a RESET DETOX for me it represents a lot of things in one. So i´ll divide it in percents and explain a little each part.

30% The RESET BUTTON: Is the result of the diet. Even in the first day you already feel it. A way of stoping, analyse your life and all life around you, explore the deepest and darkest corners of your inner being and build a sustainable pillar from where to start all over again. Around that pillar building an organised life adding a lot of compassion, love, self-love and new vision of how you want your future to look like.

20% WEIGHT LOSS: This is probably the main reason i start and everybody else starts doing it. I’ll not lie to myself probably it represents 80 to 100% at the beginning but once it starts there are so many benefits you find on your journey that losses meaning right from the beginning. Psychologists, psychiatric, doctors, family and friends the all say: You have to LOVE YOURSELF JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. When you look in the mirror and you don’t see yourself, when you know that it’s not who you really are, when that makes you feel sad and detached that that might not be the natural you, the you to love unconditionally.

20% HEALTH: Start to form in your head a different concept of what your life and your relationship with your body has to be like. Feels like the toxins wash away and you are left with the pure view of what to put in your mouth. Like your body is sending you telepathic messages letting you know it feels better now and what you should eat from now on. When you don’t eat the normal thing to be craving would be a comfort food, a big piece of meet, fatty, juicy carbs and sugars. But it’s amazing how even from the day one you crave apples, vegetables, stir fry, fish, seafood and all types of fruits. I can’t wait to prepare a raw food meal.

20% TIME APPRECIATION AND MANAGEMENT: Suddenly the extra 4 hours a day which you have are more appreciated and used more efficiently. I do more things, i get to do things i didn’t had time before, i self-organize better and i can’t wait to start new workout and new out-door activities.

10% ALL THE OTHER BENEFITS: I sleep better and longer and i actually rest at night, i wake up full of energy, i laugh more, my skin is smooth and silky and last but bot least my digestive system works wonderful. Even after the diet this benefits can last at least from 6 to 8 months more.


Started the day very nice. Before I opened my eyes I had a revelation about what will actually make me happy in life. I have been struggling to find this out for a long time now. I had a misconception about what I wanted because it was mixed with what I was suppose to do and the idea that 28 years is old.

I have been thinking about this before, about 4 years ago.
I want to study Physiology, 4 years MORE.
Then I want to make a study about human behavior, brain behavior on a large scale.
I cant talk about the brain without actually learning about it, testing it, with me, and with others.
And I can studie so much that i can understand it better, further on to be able to explain others how to … basically…. be happy.
Next i woke up and I made love to my man.
After which I meditate for 30-40 min.
Felt asleep for 30 min more and got up from bed at 12.30
I felt like I really took advantage of my free time.
I don’t feel hungry.
I feel like eating some good food, some tasty zucchini pasta. I actually had a dream of eating very tasty Chinese food, some vegetables soy sauce, sesame oil, coconut milk….yum.
I can even start thinking about a life in Asia, eating the awesome food, into meditation and just living.
Probably I still need to do some good deeds before probably still not the time.



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