Day 8


After my free weekend during which I just relaxed and enjoy the sun, my dogs and my man, now my favorite day of the week , Monday is here. It´s my favorite day because no matter what happen last week … Monday its the beginning of a new week, so its the day you get to start all over again.

I am so happy I started to write on my blog again and I feel this is a new beginning for me.
My detox is going very well, not hungry in any moment, I have so many positive outcome of it that I cant even afford to be hungry. I am full of motivation.
Today my period started and usually I am in huge pain and I always have to take pills to be able to go to work. Well … not today. Today my body is my friend, I treat it good… and it returns the favor.
I haven´t had the salted water today either but just with the tea last night and another one this morning by the time I reached midday I was already flushing.
Because I am on my period my weight is not entirely correct but even like that I lost 6 kg until now.
Nothing else strange or awesome happen today so for now… that is it.

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