Read to understand


Hey you all, people from all around the world, people like me, like you and like the 70 millions like us. Why this exact number I guess you are asking yourself, well this is the approximated number of young people in their 20’s in the world as we speak.

Some call us the Generation Y, The Echo Boomers, The Net Generation, The Boomerang Generation, and The Peter Pan Generation, some think we are the Millennials, some criticize us in different ways, but a lot more believe in us, trust in our power to change this world.

Some say that  we are rediscovering the human mind, that our brain is so much more developed, not only physically, then all the other human beings ever existing in this planet, from the begging of the days.

Some think of us just like the new generation, the new work force that they have to take in consideration for the future because the world will have to deal with us from the point of view of the employer, the buyer, the consumer, the employee, the market target, the parents, the future of the world.

Some think of us just as spoiled kids, teenagers, young people with our noses in the Pc, laptop, tablet, Smartphone and all the new gadgets existing since we arrive to this planet. Kids with no responsibilities, nor religion. We don’t have any authority figure we respect, no law to obey, a revolutionary spirit inside of us which makes us a little bit dangerous for the people ruling the world in this moment.

Well, personally I think that we have some things in common that we should talk about, this things makes us quit special, and enough special to do something to this messed up world. There are some characteristics you might find in yourself as much as I do:

  • You are in your 20’s, or two-three years to get there.
  • You are studying, maybe university, maybe still high school, but in general you are preparing yourself for life.
  • You wear glasses, not sunglasses I mean the eyeglasses, that kind of object you have on your face not for fashion, and the object who to blame for all the malicious adjectives you have been said to, like “nerd”, “geek”, “freak”(and some others much worse, which I will not mention), but which lately have become fashion.(Hipsters)
  • You love all the new technology and believe that this revolution of new gadgets brings us help to discover, rediscover, grow up, invent, and reinvent ourselves, a chance to become more efficient and effective very fast.
  • You feel like you can do some amazing and great things in this world that you have a special purpose, that in your hands stands the future and this is where you should begin.
  • You feel like helping poor and needed people, helping to reach the end of hunger in the world, helping to end the huge distance between the richest and the poorest.
  • You would like to transform the word Globalization in a good word, just like it was suppose to be when it was invented.
  • You are an immigrant……a full time foreigner, away from your roots, in different country, or in different countries. Though you don’t feel away from home, you always look back and forth to find things to be identified to, but you can’t stick to one home, after all you feel you belong……..everywhere. Your home is the entire world.
  • You are a woman, a very confident woman, the new generation of woman that does not need to prove to anybody her value, because the world is aware of its value since the day you were born.
  • You love music, specially the music that defines us like the Generation Y, and I mean the dubstep, the drum&bass, house, electro, jungle, indie, trap..etc.
  • You are creative, in all the ways, you continuously have ideas, plans, different prospective about objects, theories, life, love, family…..and so many other subjects from different areas.
  • You love art, the old fashion art, the classic one, but in the same time the new kind inspires you so much.
  • You are a man…the kind of a man is not afraid to admit his believes, to like a type a music, to like a distinctive fashion, not afraid to raise his voice and scream what he believes in, to do all this without the fear of being excluded from groups, to be looked at in a different way from that moment on… not afraid to be yourself.
  • You… wait………………I will not reveal all the juicy content of this blog yet. For more stay tuned.

If you can put the check icon in at least 2 points of this list, then you will be interested in this blog, it might  make you laugh, smile, cry, or philosophize, but for sure it will bring you a perspective in your eyes that maybe you already thought about (which will make me feel so much closer to you, and happy to have people with the same view in the world), or maybe it will be something completely new (which will make me even happier that I can contribute to a better understanding of the world, and maybe to a better world).

For the end I reserved some words about myself. To avoid repeating the whole list, which every point describes me in a very brief way, I will just add that I am a 27 years old woman, and I´m a tourism manager….or that´s what my diploma say, with no job though, like most of us.  I live in Europe, I have Romanian nationality, half of my life and education belongs to Spain, I have traveled a bit. I am not Romanian, nor Spanish, and if I will be living in Japan or whatever other country for the next 10 years or even my entire life, I will not be Japanese either.

Because I am a completely new type of citizen, there are no frontiers that divides my beliefs, no borders that change my principals, no color or religion to change my perspective, I belong with all of them, I feel home with all of you, I am a citizen of this planet, and I am sure I am not the only one.


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