Day 14. The end of the cleanse… beginning of my life.


Two weeks have passed.

I am calm, relaxed, I am less emotional, I am more in control of who I want to be.
I feel more mature, more wise.
I feel empowered and at the beginning of a beautiful new road for me.
I am exited for all new things that life will bring me in the next year.
I had more realizations.
I have realized what was wrong with me and probably what was keeping be put.
I wasn´t able to move forward in life.
I used to be a very independent woman so independent that I hatted when a man wanted to carry my bags, or pay for all the drinks or dinners. I used to be proud of that.
Then I meet my partner 4 years ago and in a very weird way I decided to…LET GO of everything.
I put in him my hopes, my decisions, my goals, I left him guide me, teach me, trough all details of life. And 2 days ago I understood I …was….just not here anymore.
It felt a little sad at the beginning.
But then I understood that it was a lesson I needed to learn.
It balanced me, and it showed me the middle term of independence, of femininity, of family…
I have learned a lot of thing in this 4 years, some I will keep using, some they represented just the experience of those moments.
This is a new me.
Maybe its the cleansing.
Maybe maturity
Maybe a new stage of life
Maybe a spiritual awakening
In any case I feel myself again.
Its a very good feeling.
Finished my cleanse today I cant wait to cook healthy, go run, exercises a lot like I used to and start my new life.
The results of this cleanse well, I guess they are very obvious and if not you just need to read this post again and the previous once too.
In total I have lost somewhere between 7 and 8 kg.
Now I will keep them of by being respectful with my own body.
Good luck if you are trying this cleanse too, and if anybody need someone to talk with during this period… just let me know.